We can repair, replace or help you find the correct part or replace missing and/or lost parts to your garage door system.  We prefer LIFTMASTER MOTORS,  but we service all brands of motors.

Why use a Liftmaster motor



  • We sell the 8550W DC Motor Belt Drive click HERE for prices!
  • Easy to work on. They dominate the market. 70% of all motors are liftmasters
  • Ultra quiet DC belt drive system
  • DON’T BE FOOLED… LIFTMASTER warranties our motor for life and cover all other parts except the battery for 5 years. The battery is covered for 1 year.
  • What about OTHER COMPANIES? They only offer 1 YEAR on all other parts. Liftmaster gives you 5 YEARS. THAT’S RIGHT FIVE BIG YEARS ON ALL OTHER PART AND LIFE TIME ON MOTOR AND BELT!!!
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  • Other motors GEARS go bad.
  • Some are noisy. Most time it’s the light cover NOT THE BELT DRIVES
  • The LIMITS need to be cleaned
  • The SAFETY SENSOR or EYES get misaligned.