Extension Troubleshooting

Make sure if you have EXTENSION SPRINGS you also have SAFETY CABLES HERE

  1. My door wobbles when it goes down. Check the PULLEY’S
  2. My door sounds like a train when it goes up or down. Check the ROLLERS
  3. Where’s that noise coming from? I already checked the first 2 steps. Try spraying my lube HERE
  4. When its cold my door sometime doesn’t work. Try spraying a little WD40 HERE and go HERE to see where else you need too spray . The reason is that sometimes when its cold the lube, grease, dirt or what ever acts like glue the WD40 will loosen it up but it is messy so be careful not to get it on anything!
  5. Tighten the nuts HERE
  6. Try trouble shooting your MOTOR.