Motor pricing – 8550 WLED and 85503 camera

MODEL 8550W LED MOTOR or 85503 Camera

Liftmaster 8550WLED Motor

Built in LED Light

  1. This motor virtually eliminates radio blockage and interference
  2. Note this motor doesn’t work with some older homelink.
  3. Has a battery backup so if the power goes out the garage will still open.
  4. All motors come with a wall button with light, lock, time, and temperature.
  5. Safety Sensor or Safety Eyes that will help in keeping you and your kids, and pets from being killed or hurt.
  6. It has a 6 foot extension cord NOT 4 foot like other motors like other Liftmasters, Genie, etc. So if you have a high ceiling it’s great or if your outlet is far away!
  7. DON’T BE FOOLED… LIFTMASTER warranties our motor and belt for life.  WELL WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER COMPANIES?
  8. They only offer ONE YEAR. Liftmaster gives you 5 YEARS on all other parts. THAT’S RIGHT FIVE BIG YEARS ON ALL OTHER PARTS AND LIFETIME ON MOTOR AND BELT!!! The Battery and accessories carry a limited One Year warranty.
    Measure your door
    Measure your door
  9. One remote.
  10. We dispose of your old motor.
  11. Check and  balance  your door, lube your door, tighten the nuts and bolts if it needs more then that is additional charges.
  12. Billy Doors warranties the motor for 3 years parts and labor excluding owners misuse, and 1 year warranty on all batteries and accessories.
  13. Built in Wi-Fi  so you can control from your smartphone. If you have internet.
  14. Easy to work on. They dominate the market. 70% of all motors are Liftmasters
  15. Ultra quiet DC belt drive system

Nonstandard installations are extra.

  1. If you need low headroom brackets on your door that is an additional $135 dollars. CLICK HERE
  2. If the rail needs to be cut, that’s an additional $100 dollars.
  3. 8 foot rails for 8 foot doors are an additional $40 dollars.
  4.  If you do not have an outlet, you must get one installed by an electrician. We cannot install outlets.
  5.  If your door needs additional work, that will cost additional funds (other then checking and balancing your door, lubing your door, or tightening the nuts and bolts).
  6. If you don’t have a strut (Additional Cost) CLICK HERE
  7. Carpentry & concrete work are extra and will be determinate at the time of installation, but there will be an extra charge.
  8. If you need extension brackets add $60 dollars

Standard installations                                                                                                                             

for model 8550LED

1 . 1 remote installed $625 dollars

2 . 2 remotes installed  $685 dollars

3 .  1 remote +keyless entry pad installed $705 dollars                           

4 . 2 remotes+ keyless entry pad installed $765dollars   

For model 85503 Camera

1 . 1 remote installed $700 dollars

2 . 2 remotes installed $760 dollars

3 .  1 remote + keyless entry pad installed $780 dollars

4 . 2 remotes + keyless entry pad  installed $840 dollars

If you want a gateway installed ADD $120

  1. TAX IS INCLUDED! These are the true prices. I also install all my motors with 13 gauge angle, not that cheap stuff that comes in the box when you buy it from other places!

For more information or questions please call 301-367-9160


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