Why 8300 Benefits


Our doors are 1 3/8″, but that’s all you need. Look below to see why…
  1. Billy Doors uses 14 gauge hinges. OTHER COMPANIES sometimes use 18 gauge hinges (The lower the gauge the thicker it is.) HERE
  2. I use a long stem roller rated at 75LB @ 22500 cycles for a 8 foot high door. THEY use a short stem roller rated at 50LB @ 10000 cycles for a 8 foot high door. HERE
  3. I use heavy duty cable that is rated at way over 1500LB . THEY sometimes use a cable that’s not even rated at a 1000 LBs –thats sad! HERE
  4. My door is STEEL then INSULATION (an R 12.12) then STEEL again. Well just look for yourself HERE
  5. 5 I use 3 screws too hold the torsion springs THEY sometimes use only 2. HERE
  6. I use 5 screws to hold the track on each side + 1 for the bearing plate on torsion springs. THEY sometimes use 4 + 1 for the bearing plate on torsion spring. HERE
  7. I use a strut on the top section on all my 8300 doors that I install. THEY sometimes use a cheaper strut or none at all.

  8. I use a vinyl trim and so do they. 

  9. You can paint it if you want 
  10. The cheaper 1’s can dent and crack easier  like these !
  11. Pictures of real 8300

  12. The Upper Track stops the door from cracking.
  13. Don’t be fooled! Many steel doors claim to be two inches thick, but they are actually hollow!

  14. The 8300 are reinforced for the motor 
  15.  Wayne Dalton Steel Door 8300 brochure models-8300-8500
  16.  I WON’T CUT CORNERS WILL THEY? They will tell you  “Thats extra” or “You want that?”

I hope this helps!    

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