*If your door is older than 1978


All homes built before 1978 must have the garage door tested for lead paint BEFORE REPLACEMENT! Billy doors has certification to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair and painting activities. Those firms found to be non-compliant may be liable for civil penalties of up to $37500.00 for each violation. If your garage door test positive for lead paint,  I WILL WORK ON IT, but I will not replace your garage door. It would be to big of a job for us at this time. If your garage door has no lead paint I would love to replace it for you. My prices are listed on this website for you. HERE

Good News…

If your door does test positive for lead, Billy Doors has found that Marvel Homes will safely dispose of your old doors.

Marvel Homes will remove your door, any 8×7, 9×7, or 8×8 door. Devon will charge $500 for removal and disposal. In addition I will deduct $75 off new door since I do not have to remove your old door. If you have two doors Devon will charge $800. I will deduct $150 off the cost of your two new doors since I don’t have to remove the doors.

Any 16×7 or 16×8 – Devon will charge $750. I will deduct $150 your new door cost since I don’t have to remove your door.

You will pay Marvel Homes direct. This work is between you and Marvel Homes. Billydoors doesn’t do lead paint removal. If you find someone else that is  certified to remove the doors I will deduct since I don’t have to remove doors.

Devon’s information is below. His certification

Devin Nasvaderani
Marvel Homes, LLC
1801 Gayfields Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Phone:  301-785-2171
Fax:  301-598-5370



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