Door opening and closing by itself


More then likely 1 of the remotes is slicking and is sending single (95% of the time). If you look at the smart button, you will see the little light blinking really fast or the wall button won’t work. Or you played with the smart button and your neighbor is opening your garage door.

So spend some time looking for that old remote that you haven’t been using, or find the 1 in the glove box , or unplug the motor for about a week and by then the battery to that remote that you couldn’t find should be dead and you will be back to normal.

4% of the time wall button is bad. Try undoing the wires to the back of the motor that are for the wall button NOT THE SAFETY EYES AND THEN TRY YOUR REMOTE if this works your wall button is bad!

1% of the time it’s probably a ghost.





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